Greater Safety In Playgrounds With Plastic Recreation space Tiles

Many of us grew up playing in playgrounds as children. It was a different time then and in the summer you could play unsupervised from sunup to sundown, taking breaks simply to grab a cool drink of water from a garden hose. Things are much different these days and another of the changes in recreation space safety in general 안전놀이터.

Nowadays over 80% of public playgrounds have some sort of protective surface around the equipment. Backyard recreation space are much different – just about 9% of home backyard playgrounds have any type of protective surfaces, and most have only turf or dirt.

According to the You. S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) this leads to over 69% of the 50, 000 yearly injuries in a backyard recreation space. These are mostly injuries that could be stopped by using some form of recreation space tiles or other protective surface.

There are many types of surfaces you can use to help protect your children. Sand isn’t recommended because kids can track it all over and eliminate it from the equipment area as well as get it in their eyes. Wood mulch is better but constant maintenance and replenishment of the mulch is needed, otherwise low areas / bald spots occur where kids can get injured.

Plastic mulch or plastic pellets are much better in terms of cushioning and protection, however these have the same problems as sand or wood mulch – they too can get tracked away from your machine or hazard area.

Most likely the best protective surface to use is plastic recreation space tiles, also known as recreation space mats. Plastic recreation space tiles are great because you can get many different thicknesses, from 1″ to 4 1/4″. This is great because the CPSC has a statistic called the “Critical Height of Recreation space Equipment”, which is the highest point that kids can get to on any little bit of recreation space equipment. Once you know the critical height, you can figure out the thickness of recreation space tiles or mulch that’s needed for that area.

The plastic recreation space tiles also have holes on the bottom of them so that they fit on just about any surface. You can get different colors of tiles to fit the color scheme of the recreation space or make nice designs. They’re also environmentally friendly and made out of recycled plastic. They have interlocking edges so they’re easy to install and the plastic material is breathable and resistant to damage. However, in the event that some tiles do get damaged or worn out, you can simply replace that tile or section of tiles. When assembling the tiles, a small amount of strong adhesive is used to get in touch them, that way kids can’t pry them apart. Water dries to them quickly because the water doesn’t pool up. Lastly these plastic tiles can be purchased in bright, primary colors that many kids love.

Such a protective surfacing can greatly lessen the amount of scuff marks, cuts, bruises and even the nastier injuries like broken your bones and concussions.