Roof Windows And Dormer Windows

Let´s say you do not like the petty skylights. You want some nice, large windows to allow the most possible sunshine under your roof Lelystad dakkapel. In that case you can choose from the roof windows or the dormer windows. The ones that are the best? It depends.

The roof windows compared to skylights

The roof window is a product like large skylight. Actually there is no substantial difference between skylights and roof windows, nevertheless skylights usually refer to smaller surface. Both skylights and roof windows are installed aslant, to the surface of the sloped roof.

The roof windows advantages

The roof window offers better (and longer) brightness when compared to the top to bottom, dormer window. In a few areas the difference is really as much as 40%.

As the slant roof windows are installed on to the roof surface, no special frameworks are necessary and installing the roof window is cheaper than the dormer window installation (less material, less work).

The roof windows disadvantages

The roof windows do not add any space to your loft area or hall as they only copy the roof.

Also the view from the roof window is little limited when compared to the dormer window view.

The dormer windows

The dormer windows refer to the vertically installed windows projecting out, from the sloped roof surface.

The dormer windows advantages

Dormer windows increase the space of your loft area or hall.

The top to bottom viewing (dormer) window even offers better view as you are closer to the viewed object.

Last but not least, the dormer windows, as they lift the sloped area of the roof higher, improve safety conditions of your hall or loft area (means you will not hit your head when looking out of the dormer window, of course, if you comply with all standard recommendations for the dormer window placement and dimensions.

The dormer windows disadvantages

Unlike the slant roof window, the dormer window faces the direct sunlight with smaller surface, consequently it lets less light in.

Also the dormer windows installation is usually more expensive and demanding on planning and sources than the slant roof window installation.